Each year, we have an opportunity like no other to welcome the city--literally a cross section of the whole city--to the Benton where we earnestly pray that we will all encounter Christ and feel community in way each of us deeply long for and in a moment when we desperately need both.

Please be in prayer about this sacred trust that we have as community members and as the Body of Christ. And take a moment to read over the opportunities to serve together and carefully consider where you might serve. Click through the serving opportunities under the VOLUNTEER tab to read more about CFTC and the ways you can pray for leaders, volunteers, resources and the people who will gather in the heart of the city to celebrate Christmas.


So many leaders and volunteers have partnered with us for the past ten years in loving and serving the people who will gather in the heart of the city to celebrate Christmas. We are honored to serve with each of you. Once again this year, you’ll find many ways to be involved at Christmas for the City on Dec 20 or at the Gift Mart on Dec 15.

Once you've read and prayed over the serving opportunities under the VOLUNTEER tab, sign up to serve! NEW THIS YEAR: Sign-up will be live on JULY 1, and we're encouraging people to sign up early to help us improve our communication process and be more intentional with engagement and spiritual formation ahead of CFTC.


Think of others in your networks who (like all of us) need to encounter Jesus and feel community and invite them to share this experience with you. So many times, we simply hustle through the season, forgetting to be intentional about investing in the lives of those around us. This is such a great opportunity to welcome such a wide cross-section of the city...don't miss the opportunity to share it with others!

In a year like no other, we hope you’ll join us on the December 20th as the whole city comes together for this unique moment that breaks down walls, builds community and lifts up the name of Jesus.

Teams meet throughout the year to plan CFTC. Click on the links under the VOLUNTEER tab above for complete details. Here are the upcoming meetings and descriptions:

  • CFTC GIFT MART: The Gift mart will provide an opportunity for parents to buy new or like new toys for their children this Christmas at greatly reduced prices. If you would like to be a part of the planning for the CFTC Gift Mart, contact the Gift Mart team at:
  • NON-PROFIT TEAM:  After taking some calculated risks the past on how we achieve the outcome of "increasing connections among the people of our city serving one another in solidarity," a group of non-profit leaders and artists have some great ideas for 2017.
  • PERFORMING ARTS TEAM: Music leaders and pastors from across the city will be meeting to plan the performing arts that will take place on the main stage, in The Table, throughout the Benton...and even out onto Fifth Street!
  • MAIN MONTHLY CFTC LEADERS MEETING: Leaders from all of the areas of CFTC meet monthly to share updates and collaborate on making this year another strong experience. We also build a lot of great friendships along the way!!
  • THE TABLE: In 2016, 2,500 people shared a meal together--people from all backgrounds and walks of life. More than serving people a meal, this group focuses on building community among us while "breaking bread together."
  • NORTH POLE VILLAGE TEAMS: Great experiences for the whole family are coming together this year: Hot Cocoa & Cookie Room, Greeters and Guides, Santa’s Room, Card Making, and the Story Room! Sign up on the North Pole Village page to get involved!
  • CFTC2018 INNOVATION TEAM: 2018 is is not a typo! Starting in January, a team begins to brainstorm what NEXT year’s CFTC looks like. Working with the vision of “creating a meaningful Christmas experience for the whole community,” it can look and feel radically different than the previous years…and we hope it does!
  • GIVE: This year's Christmas for the City budget is $50,000 budget in operating expenses, a remarkable number given we rent the entire convention center and throw a party for 12,000+ people! Help us make this event happen by partnering with us financially! You can give online, by text or by check. Complete details on the GIVE tab above. Click SPONSORSHIP under the Volunteer drop-down menu for sponsor opportunities. Of course, the VAST majority of expenses that would normally be associated with such a huge event are covered through in-kind donations and volunteer service.

Learn more about where you can serve through the teams listed above under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES.