Wish List 

Bikes (will accept “like new” too)


Fidget Spinners


Electronics for Teens


Dolls & accessories (all ethnicities)


Action Figures

Teen Clothing (i.e. hoodies, etc.)


Dress-up, Make-up, & Spa Kits

Remote Control Toys

Digital Cameras

Sports Clothing & Equipment

Bike Locks…for the bikes that are a part of Gift Mart!

PJ’s and Slippers (all sizes)

Socks, Gloves and Hats

Balls, bats, gloves, etc.

Flat irons, Curling irons, & Hot rollers

Nail Kits (polish sets)

Games (video, electronic, family)


Wallets and Purses

Ride-on Toys (Big Wheels)

Toy Kitchens


Electric Razors


Art Sets


Matchbox Cars & Tracks


Axe Body Spray

Athletic Team gear

# <span style="color:blue"> <center> <b> How You Can Help! <br> </b></center></span>



<scan style="color:red"> <i> <b> COLLECT TOYS &amp; GIFTS: </b></i></scan>

Get your office, school, team, organization or neighbors to hold a toy and gift drive. We accept new and like-new toys and gifts. [Email the Gift Mart Team]( to be a drop off site or run a toy drive. We will also have community wide drop off locations later in 2019.

<scan style="color:red"> <i><b> AMAZON WISH LIST: </b></i></scan>

We will open up an Amazon Wish List closer to the event Order items from the Gift Mart Amazon Wish List, view it by <u> [CLICKING HERE]( </u> or pressing the button at the top of the page. Please order your gift by December 6th. Your purchased gifts will be delivered directly to the Gift Mart Team.

<scan style="color:red"><b><i>VOLUNTEER:</i></b></scan>

Volunteer to work the day of the event, Saturday, December 15th, or on the prior days. You’ll find various volunteer opportunities by <u> [Clicking Here](</u> or the "get involved" button on the top of this page. If you are using a mobile version, please scroll down to view opportunities. If you have any questions or challenges signing up, please feel free to email us at [][1]


<scan style="color:red"><b><i> GIVE: </i></b></scan>

Make a financial donation by cash, check, text or online. Find complete instructions <u>[here](</u> or by pressing the "support" button at the top of the page.