Each year, we have an opportunity like no other to welcome the city--literally a cross section of the whole city--to the Benton where we earnestly pray that we will all encounter Christ and feel community in a way each of us deeply longs for and in a moment when we desperately need both.

Please be in prayer about this sacred trust that we have as community members and as the Body of Christ. And take a moment to click through the serving opportunities to read more about CFTC and the ways you can pray for leaders, volunteers, resources and the people who will gather in the heart of the city to celebrate Christmas.

NEW THIS YEAR: Sign-up will be live on JULY 1, and we’re encouraging people to sign up early to help us improve our communication process and be more intentional with engagement and spiritual formation ahead of CFTC.


Think of others in your networks who (like all of us) need to encounter Jesus and feel community and invite them to share this experience with you. So many times, we simply hustle through the season, forgetting to be intentional about investing in the lives of those around us. This is such a great opportunity to welcome such a wide cross-section of the city...don't miss the opportunity to share it with others!

In a year like no other, we hope you’ll join us on the December 20th as the whole city comes together for this unique moment that breaks down walls, builds community and lifts up the name of Jesus.