United Youth Experience

This year, LIT City (a Love Out Loud character education in our schools) will be point leading the student experience. In addition to great music/arts and other experiences, middle and high school students are invited to serve their city this year by engaging other students throughout the Benton Convention Center and welcoming them in to participate in several group activities all through the night. We will be participate in a student-led, city-wide service project. Students will also have the opportunity to share a meal together, view the City-Wide Youth Choir and L.I.T. City band, and attend the Finale at the end of the night!

Volunteers Needed:

  • “Hub” volunteers: Helpers to stand at our table to help any students who need to know where they should go throughout the night.
  • “Tweeters”: Helpers who will update tweets & help retweet all that we are doing to help students get involved.
  • “Walkers” : Helpers who will walk around to let students know where to find the Hub or where to serve with a Youth Pastor.
  • “Greeters”: Helpers who just make students feel welcome!
  • “Support” volunteers: Helpers who like tasks to help with different key set up times throughout the night.