Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and native Cincinnatians are very use to navigating our way in the snow. Rarely does my home city shut-down due to inclement weather.  However, moving to Winston-Salem has been a real treat for me because we get true snow days with nothing moving in sight!  I mean, the very thought of snow coming to this region sends the entire city into a frenzy and if one isn’t careful, they might not have bread, water, nor eggs if they procrastinate running to the grocery store in time!  I even heard one native Winston-Salemer (don’t know if that is the real term, but I like it) say that when he and other people in the Triad hear about a pending snowfall, they become like a deer in headlights, unable to move, almost paralyzed in their bones…only to emerge from their homes after the last piece of snow no longer poses a threat!  Gosh!  I sure hope there is no snow, not even a single snowflake on the ground anytime near Thursday, December 20th because we are all ready, set, and prepared to go at the upcoming Christmas for the City 2018! 

While snow, rain, or other inclement weather outside could be a prohibitor from participating in CFTC2018, and possibly a ton of other reasons why one may stay inside of their home or work on December 20th, let me reassure you, regardless of what may be transpiring around you in the environment, or in your individual life, you will feel much more at peace in the presence of others bringing love and hope to members of our Winston-Salem community at-large.   

It may be cold outside, but on Thursday, December 20th, the Benton Convention Center will be warm with hot cocoa, filled with gleeful laughter from children of all ages, sparkly from the glistening decorations, nostalgic with the “ho-ho-ho” from Santa Claus, and blissful from the heavenly sounds of the many talented musicians – but most of all, it needs to be filled with YOU – the volunteers!  Volunteers make this event extra special and smooth!  Oh, let it snow today, this week, but come Thursday, December 20th, let’s turn the Benton Convention Center into the heart-filled hub of love radiating warmth that touches every person that dares to brave the cold.  See you soon! 


~Victoria Hanchell 

Volunteer Coordinator 

Executive Team, CFTC 2018 

Holli BillingsComment