The Non-Profit and Arts Experience


  • Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016, 9:00-10:00am, Winston-Salem Foundation: Informational meeting for non-profits interested in being a part of CFTC2016.

  • Thursday, Nov 17, 10:00-11:00am, Benton Lower Level: Brainstorming meeting and facility walk-through for non-profits providing an interactive experience.

  • Thursday, Dec 1, 9:30-10:30am, Benton Lower Level: Final planning Meeting.

  • Monday-Tuesday, Dec 19-20, 8am-8pm, Benton: Set-up anytime

  • Tuesday, Dec 20, 5:00-6:00, Benton: Orientation and meet & greet with other non-profits; stay for the CFTC volunteer service at 6:30pm if you'd like.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 21, 4:00-9:00pm, Benton: Christmas for the City!!

THE NON-PROFIT EXPERIENCE AT CFTC: increasing connections among the people of our city serving one another in solidarity

With the outcome of "increasing connections among the people of our city serving one another in solidarity," the non-profit partnership at CFTC aims to be an interactive experience that will deepen our connection to our community and increase solidarity among all. 

There are three ways for non-profits to participate:

  1. SERVE AS A CONVERSATION HOST: One very relational way to move into conversation is to host a table (or section of tables) for a two-hour block of time in The Table (the section of CFTC where the city is invited to share a meal together). For those who would like to participate, the opportunity to host a table in the meal area opens up the possibility of conversations and connections with a wide spectrum of people from our community.
  2. PROVIDE AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE: There was a strong desire to “push” the non-profit experience out into the rest of the building. Non-profits are invited to host stations in hallways around the building with one prerequisite for participation: provide an interactive activity at your station that opens the door to community, conversation and engagement. These could be specifically service-based, awareness-building, or simply fun. (More ideas below)
  3. SHARE A SHORT INFORMATIONAL VIDEO: We have a limited amount of programming time in main concert room (Piedmont 3) to roll videos between musical groups. Participating non-profits are invited to submit 3-4 minute videos for consideration.

Space is limited, so submit your interactive experience ideas early. Email to discuss the possibilities and any questions you have.



Increase connections among the people of our city serving one another in solidarity


To serve as a conversation host in The Table, the non-profit organization will:

  • Sign up for a two-hour shift to host a table where they can engage attendees in the natural environment of sharing a meal
  • Determine how many tables (one is, obviously the minimum, but as many as you’d like) and for how many shifts (with a two-hour window being the minimum).
  • Show up for your shift, set a warm, relational atmosphere and engage others in conversation at the hosted table(s).
  • Provide a summary of your organization’s mission, website/social media and contact information by THURSDAY, DEC 1 to be included in the printed piece available to all CFTC attendees. 
  • Feel free to bring brochures and business cards and to wear your organization’s gear BUT leave the display boards at the office.

To host a station with an interactive experience, the non-profit organization will:

  • Offer an opportunity to do something related to its mission (ideally, service-based or related). Ideas have included: doing a service project, creating a mural, making greeting cards, playing an interactive game, (coloring books/stations, balloon art, clowns…), or bringing musicians and other artists
  • Sign up early as space is limited. Submit activity to the CFTC Non-Profit Planning Team by THURSDAY, DEC 1 for review. Approval will be granted within a week of submission.
  • Provide enough materials and volunteers to accommodate 2,000 people who might participate at their station over the course of the evening (total attendance at CFTC2014 was 12,000-14,000). Provide any needed equipment such as tables and chairs.
  • Do not plan on having electricity or technical support.
  • Staff your experience, which helps to cover the workload and increase your and your organization's presence.
  • Serve a minimum of 3 hours during the peak of the event: 5:00-8:00pm. Non-profits would not need to commit to the whole event (4:00-9:00pm).
  • Provide a summary of your organization’s mission, website/social media and contact information by THURSDAY, DEC 1 to be included in the printed piece.

Christmas for the City will:

  • Provide great exposure to the community and people who might not otherwise know about their mission and people.
  • Review all proposed activities to ensure a cohesive event consistent with CFTC vision and values.
  • Provide one eight-foot table and signage if funding is sufficient.
  • Staff a centralized sign-up station at the parking deck entrance where people can take a next step and receive the printed brochure of participating non-profits and their contact information.
  • Provide a printed brochure to be made available to attendees.
  • Promote the non-profit experience in its messaging and social media to make people aware of the non-profit experience.


Christmas for the City is completely supported by financial donations, in-kind donations and A LOT of "sweat equity" from across the city! While there is absolutely NO FEE associated with participating in the non-profit aspect of CFTC, we would ask you to consider a $25 or $50 donation to help with some of the fixed operational expenses of the event. Thanks!

In 2014, 48 non-profits joined us to connect with the entire community. CLICK HERE for a list of those who participated last year, many of whom are excited to connect with you at #CFTC2016!

CLICK HERE for a link to last year's printed non-profit booklet.

CONTACT: Love Out Loud,, (336) 747-3067