Non-Profit Involvement

There are three ways for non-profits to participate:

  1. SERVE AS A CONVERSATION HOST: One very relational way to move into conversation is to host a table (or section of tables) for a two-hour block of time in The Table (the section of CFTC where the city is invited to share a meal together). For those who would like to participate, the opportunity to host a table in the meal area opens up the possibility of conversations and connections with a wide spectrum of people from our community.

  2. CREATE A CENTERPIECE: While hosting a conversation, an experience, or just attending CFTC you also have the option to decorate a table this year. The decorations would need to be contained to a centerpiece (max 18" in diameter and 8" high) to allow guests to eat at your table. Black tablecloths will be provided. (50 tables need centerpieces). Please consider providing a table with decorations that display your organizations mission, invite guests to partner with you, draw people to your experience somewhere else in the building or are just aesthetically pleasing. 

  3. PROVIDE AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE: There was a strong desire to “push” the non-profit experience out into the rest of the building. Non-profits are invited to host stations in hallways around the building with one prerequisite for participation: provide an interactive activity at your station that opens the door to community, conversation and engagement. These could be specifically service-based, awareness-building, or simply fun. (More ideas below)

  4. SHARE A SHORT INFORMATIONAL VIDEO: We have a limited amount of programming time in main concert room (Piedmont 3) to roll videos between musical groups. Participating non-profits are invited to submit 3-4 minute videos for consideration.

CONTACT: Liz Kaiman,, (336) 747-3067


2019 DATES:

In order to participate in CFTC2019 Nonprofits must attend an interest/update meeting, please choose one below.

If you or an organization representative are unable to attend either, but would still like to participate with CFTC, please email Liz

  • SIGN UP’s DUE - to be included in print piece
    Friday, November 22, 6pm

  • WAlk through & final Plans:
    TBA. Benton Convention Center

  • setup ->

    • O  Nonprofits creating centerpieces for The Table – TBA

      O  Nonprofits in upstairs hallways – TBA

      O  Nonprofits in downstairs hallways - TBA

      O  Nonprofits in North Pole Village (kids area)- TBA

  • Orientation / Meet & Greet : Wednesday, Dec 18, TIme TBA
    Get to know the other organizations in the Building for Cftc and align our hearts for the event

  • christmas for the city : Thursday, Dec 19, 4 - 9pm

THE NON-PROFIT EXPERIENCE AT CFTC: increasing connections among the people of our city serving one another in solidarity

With the outcome of "increasing connections among the people of our city serving one another in solidarity," the non-profit partnership at CFTC aims to be an interactive experience that will deepen our connection to our community and increase solidarity among all.