CFTC Email Update 7.14.18

We've missed you!

We are right at the halfway point in the year: far enough to recover from #CFTC2017, and close enough to get excited about #CFTC2018!!

Since we were together at the Benton, a newly-formed executive leadership team has been working hard and has LOTS of new updates that we think you’ll love. Click any topic below (especially "Who is this executive leadership team?!"), or visit our website for much more information!

Chuck Spong....and team!

Christmas in the Summer!

Save The Date for Christmas for the City on Thursday, December 20, 2018. Whether you have volunteered with us in the past or this would be your first time, we would love for you to join us in creating a meaningful Christmas experience for our entire community! We invite you to ask yourself this question: "What is the dream in my heart for Christmas for the City 2018?"

And yes, you can express interest for a particular area now! (see link below) If you don't see what you're dreaming about on the list, please email your thoughts to In the meantime, read on!


1. We have formed an executive team to oversee the event and each main area: Performing Arts, Kids Area, Volunteer Central & Hospitality, The Table and Nonprofits. This will allow for even more creativity, ownership and organization for CFTC2018. We have already begun meeting and are getting excited! Click here to meet the team!

2. In order to sign up, you will have the opportunity to create your own profile to allow for an easy flow of communication from us to you--not just for CFTC but also for other meaningful opportunities throughout the year through Love Out Loud and their partners. NEW THIS YEAR: In order to improve our process and create a safe environment (see #3), we will have limited roles for walk-in volunteers, so sign up today!

3. In the interest of making CFTC a safer experience for our whole community, we are requiring many of the volunteer roles in the North Pole Village to undergo a background check. Would you consider donating $5 to help cover the cost of your background check? All donors will receive a free CFTC t-shirt. Everyone who signs up by August 15th will be entered into a drawing to win a gift basket from our friends at Allegacy!

4. Let’s connect in the Benton! This is an opportunity to meet others who will serve at CFTC2018, and fuel up for another great community Christmas experience. Plan to drop in at the Benton after work, connect with the team and others, and share memories from past CFTC's and dreams for this year. Stay tuned for more the date and details!

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