Meet your 2018 Team

Over the past 10 years, CFTC has been championed by leaders across the city, from different denominational, economic,  and vocational backgrounds. Scroll down to meet your 2018 CFTC Leadership Team. 


Holli Billings

Holli has worked with Christmas for the City since year one! She has had a variety of roles such as coordinating volunteers, event hospitality, directing The Table and more. This year, in addition to chasing around her four children, working as an event planner, and functioning as project manager for New Canaan Society's Winston-Salem Chapter, she will be serving as our 2018 CFTC Producer. 

Holli's favorite part about CFTC is to see our community, in action, collaborating together to offer a truly meaningful Christmas experience at no cost to our guests.


Mike Gianopulos

Mike Gianopulos has been in full-time church ministry for over 20 years and is currently serving as the lead pastor at Project Re3 in Kernersville. When he's not climbing the Grand Canyon with his bare hands, he has worked with CFTC in a variety of roles for the past 5 years. This year Mike with be serving as the Director of the North Pole Village area for kids and families - Rumor has it, he has the in with Santa!

Mike's favorite part about CFTC is seeing people from all different backgrounds: socio-economic, racial, and denominational - coming together to celebrate Christmas. For just a few hours in the building, there's no division, just peace and unity.


Victoria Hanchell

Dr. Victoria Hanchell has served CTFC as the Director of Volunteer Central for the past 2 years, and has volunteered with CFTC for a total of four years.  Dr. V sees her role in CFTC as an extension of her ministry that goes beyond the church building and reaches deep within the community.  She serves as the Co-Pastor/Executive Director for Ministry Operations of Mount Calvary Holy Church of Winston Salem, NC.   Dr.V is a wife, mother, business owner, adjunct instructor, author, preacher, teacher and much more!

Her favorite part of CFTC is connecting over 1000 willing volunteers with the opportunity to express their love for Christ through serving the residents of Winston-Salem.


Liz Kaiman

This is Liz's third year with CFTC working to help 60 nonprofits around the building lead experiences and facilitate conversations with community members. Liz serves year-round as the partnership director of Love Out Loud and lives off of decaf coffee, good books, and deep conversations. 

Liz's favorite part about CFTC is seeing people from such diverse backgrounds serve and celebrate alongside each other & seeing nonprofits interact with future ambassadors, volunteers, and clientele of their services in a casual and positive environment. The unique, divine connections made around the city are beautiful.


Jo Lowe

Jo is our performing arts guru - she is coming back to the role of helping all the creatives in the building stay organized (God Bless Her). Jo works as a Instructional Technology Consultant at Wake Forest University and enjoys the finer snapchat filters in life and cheering for the Deacs in football season! This year Jo will be serving as the Director of Performing Arts. 

Jo's favorite part about CFTC is the energy and excitement that the evening creates for people that attend CFTC! From seeing all the different genre's of music and performances to seeing the faces of children when they help make their very own toy and when they spot Santa waiting to say hello to them.


Terri Moy

New mom Terri Moy has served CFTC since the beginning and in The Table for the last 4 years, alongside her husband, using her administrative skills to help coordinate the process before and during serving over 3,000 donated meals to the CFTC community every year. She has a heart for connecting people and will be serving as this years' Director in The Table. 

Terri's favorite part about CFTC is people connecting despite their church affiliation, religious beliefs, socio-economic status or other differences, while experiencing the genuine love of Christ exhibited by the body of Christ serving together.


Chuck Spong

Chuck has been a part of CFTC since it's inception in 2008. He has been the executive producer and driving force around the city collaboration and hours of hard work and prayer that has brought CFTC to his point. He currently serves as the father of four children (Tigers, Lions and Deac's!) and the executive director of Love Out Loud WS. This year he will be serving as the executive director of CFTC. 

Chuck's favorite part of CFTC is HOW God has brought people together (whether volunteers, leaders or attendees) over the past decade: a conversation at church or work, an organizing meeting, attending to hear a neighbor's kids in the children's choir, helping with some aspect of the event that engages a person, over-hearing a conversation at Krankies...even a minor fender-bender!! God has convened a diverse bunch of ordinary people and is [always] at work unifying and mobilizing the body of Christ and loving our city!